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Partnering and M&A Strategies
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Partnering and M&A Strategies

A publicly traded software developer retained Langer and Company to craft a corporate partnering strategy and help design a supporting organization. Target partners were then identified and cultivated, resulting in several successful alliances. Langer also assisted in resolving relationship issues with several existing partners.

A publicly traded application software developer retained Langer and Company to help structure and negotiate a strategic partnership with a $2B service provider. Langer helped clarify objectives, assess value, identify risks, and understand the partner's culture and business, integrating these aspects into a mutually beneficial relationship.

A leading biotechnology company hired Langer and Company to develop a partnering strategy to secure the long-term support of a pharmaceutical company. After identifying key target partners, Langer coached the management team in cultivating prospective partners and in negotiating a multi-million dollar deal with a major pharmaceutical company.

A publicly traded imaging company with over 400 alliances needed to build an infrastructure to support partnering activities. They hired Langer and Company to assist in institutionalizing the partnering process. Langer designed an organization, wrote job specifications, defined tools and procedures, and developed and delivered a training program.

A fast-growing application software company wanted to leverage early contacts with IBM into a strategic alliance. To avoid the frustrations of dealing with IBM's bureaucracy, they retained Langer and Company. Within 10 months, the company had four strategic relationships with IBM.

A technology-oriented service provider retained Langer and Company to help integrate several acquisitions. Langer studied existing operations, staffing levels, and departmental budgets to develop and help implement a detailed plan that produced a fully merged, smoothly operating organization.

A UK-based high-tech distributor asked Langer and Company to assist in finding a U.S. acquirer. Langer identified potential buyers, did detailed due diligence, and proposed initial contact strategies. The company was acquired by one of these U.S. targets.

A publicly traded networking software company engaged Langer and Company to develop and deliver a one-day executive workshop on partnering. This session served as a forum for involving the "deliverers" and for identifying the key steps to successful partnering.

A technology-oriented service provider with an equity investment from IBM retained Langer and Company to help manage their relationship with Big Blue. Langer assisted in evaluating progress, interpreting IBM's actions, and strategizing new initiatives, keeping them informed about the impact of developments at IBM.

Other Business Development Strategies

A publicly traded software company needed to launch a new product into a different marketplace while maintaining existing operations. After developing a consensus with the management team to spin off the existing business, Langer and Company helped restructure the existing operation and position it for sale.

An emerging high-tech company hired Langer and Company to develop a growth strategy. Working with the senior management team, Langer built consensus on the company’s mission and core competencies, guided them through a strategy-development process, and provided advice and counsel in setting goals and applying resources.

The biotechnology research arm of a fine chemicals manufacturer retained Langer and Company to develop and implement a strategy to ensure continued funding of the unit. Langer evaluated a variety of alternatives including a spinout and a joint venture, and recommended that the unit become a profit center within a key business division.

An early-stage high-tech company asked Langer and Company to assess its business strategy and financing options. Langer provided the management team with a critical analysis of their business concept and operating plans and recommended how to best position the company for a venture capital investment.

A communications vendor asked Langer and Company to study its cumbersome distribution operation. After analyzing the in-house sales organization and multi-level channel network, Langer prepared a white paper on how to rationalize and improve distribution. As a result, the company restructured its distribution organization.

 Member of Board of Directors

A systems software company in the workstation arena recruited Dorothy Langer as an outside Board member to enhance their industry visibility and to provide advice and counsel on their business strategies. The company was later acquired by a major software company.

A startup venture in electronic commerce asked Dorothy Langer to serve on its Board to help refine their business concept and formulate their strategies for financing, partnering, and early market launch.