Other Business Development

Growth Strategies
Langer and Company helps clients translate new ideas and product plans into revenue-generating opportunities -- with target markets, positioning strategies, practical organizations, sales programs, and realistic financial projections. Using a simple strategy-development process that creates consensus among the management team, we provide advice and counsel in setting goals and applying resources. When additional leverage is needed to successfully execute these plans, we assist with strategies to attract and cultivate financing sources and strategic partners.

Organizing for Growth
Langer and Company helps firms implement growth strategies with innovative organizational options such as setting up independent business units, spinning off existing businesses, or restructuring distribution. As required, we also assist in organizational development including drafting job specifications and managing recruiting efforts.

These same skills are applied in helping companies to downsize their organization either by restructuring an existing operation or positioning a product, technology, or business unit for sale.

Assessing your Business Concept
Client Briefs