Assessing Your Business Concept
"Most companies know the importance of positioning their products or services in the marketplace. Likewise, when raising money or seeking a strategic partner, it's equally important to position the company! In one case, the company is selling its products; in the other, it's selling itself."

When seeking financing or a strategic alliance, your business plan document is your tool for lead generation. However, this document is only as good as its underlying business concept which must be of compelling interest to your target audience. How you position your business concept, how well you document it, and how effectively you present it, will ultimately determine your success in winning investors or attracting a strategic partner.

Does your business concept appeal to your primary target?
Is it achievable? Does it address known market requirements? Will it build and sustain competitive advantage? Are there sufficient barriers to entry?


Is your business plan document working for you-or against you?
Does it spell out what your company has to offer? How well does it communicate your vision and commitment? Is it believable?


How effective is your first meeting with potential investors or partners?
Does your management team address their issues and concerns? Do you project an appropriate balance of candor and discretion? Is your presentation persuasive?


Langer and Company takes a critical look at all facets of your business plan - your concept, your document, and your presentation - and assesses the effectiveness of your positioning in your target marketplace. After reviewing your business plan document and other company literature and visuals in detail, findings and recommendations are discussed in a scheduled three-hour meeting.

Designed for a company needing immediate and relevant feedback on its efforts to raise money or secure a strategic partner, this service will significantly improve your chances for successfully attracting interest in your business.


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