Managing The Strategic Partnering Process: An Executive Workshop

Is your company getting a return on its partnering "investment"? Have you integrated your partnering activities into your ongoing business processes? Do your executives and managers understand the criteria for success?

Strategic partnering has become a fundamental business strategy for savvy companies who recognize the need to leverage resources to achieve growth. These companies are forming numerous alliances with larger and smaller companies in both similar and different industries. They are partnering with customers, distributors, suppliers - even competitors.

Most companies enter the strategic partnering process opportunistically. They may have been approached by a prospective partner or may have sought out a required third-party capability. Soon, they become involved in developing more partnerships while at the same time attempting to make the current ones work. Eventually, as the activity level increases and as issues arise, they begin to more closely examine their strategy to ensure that they are getting results.

As companies increase their strategic alliance activities, they need to step back and reflect on their efforts and consider ways to improve the process. Like other business activites, partnering needs to be managed if it is to provide a meaningful return on investment. Objectives must be closely tied to corporate strategy, guidelines need to be developed, personnel need to be trained, and an ongoing assessment process must be put in place.

Langer and Company can tailor a one-day Executive Workshop to help your company enhance the effectiveness of your strategic partnering activities. This intensive interactive session can include a case study drawn from one of your own partnerships. Major topics to be covered include:

Understanding the types of partnerships and their benefits
Defining the key steps in the partnering process
Developing a partnering strategy which leverages your company's value
Involving the "deliverers"
Implementing win-win partnerships
Monitoring and managing relationships for results


Executives and managers who plan, approve, implement, and deliver strategic partnerships will benefit from this program. They will learn a step-by-step approach to the elements of partnering which will serve as a common framework for future communications and planning. It will raise awareness of the need for clear objectives, for understanding your partners' motivations, and for cooperating internally to deliver successful alliances.


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